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These rooms are magnificent spaces measuring 495 ft²,  These spacious, bright rooms are decorated in cheerful colors and feature contemporary furniture. This room is an excellent option for unwinding and relaxing. Standard rooms have a fully equipped, separate bathroom. 

Single Guest $1,300.00               NOW $ 875.00

Double $ 1,800.00                        NOW $ 1,200.00  

Triple $ 2,100.00                          NOW $ 1,400.00


Deluxe Ocean View rooms

 are located in the Torre Sol building. They are most popular in the hotel and offer more space for relaxing. They feature a private terrace with open views of both the hotel pool area and the sea with the vantage point. The terrace is perfect for sitting and gazing at the peace of the skyline that meets with the sand and waves beneath. The beautiful palm trees that line the ground level pool area make for a pleasing scenery for guests to enjoy. 

Single Guest $1,500.00                             NOW $ 1,000.00 

Double $ 2,200.00                                      NOW $ 1,470.00

Triple $ 2,500.00                                        NOW $ 1,670.00


The Pool View option measuring 495 ft², is very  spacious with bright rooms decorated in cheerful colors and feature contemporary furniture. They have a fully equipped, separate bathroom. These rooms are great to take advantage of a prime view of the pool activities. If you love watching the pool games and seeing the adventures at the pool bar, this is the room for you. Guests won’t miss any action with the excitement these pool views offer.

Single Guest $1,600.00                           NOW $ 1,070.00 

Double $ 2,400.00                                   NOW $ 1,600.00 

Triple $ 2,700.00                                      NOW $ 1,800.00

Pool Side Room Package

The Pool View option measuring 495 ft², also offers guests very spacious bright rooms that are decorated in cheerful colors and feature contemporary furniture. They have a fully equipped, separate bathroom. Similar to the pool view option, the poolside view gives guests the chance to spectate the pool action and pool bar adventure. The difference here is the room is located only steps away from the pool activities. You have convenient and direct access whether you prefer to go for a dip in the sparkling blue pools or relax poolside in one of the comfortable pool chairs. 

Single $1,800.00                                     NOW $ 1,200.00

Double $ 2,600.00                                  NOW $ 1,740.00

Triple $ 2,900.00                                     NOW $ 1,940.00


Beachfront Room Package

This serene room features a pretty terrace overlooking the sea. Guests will enjoy the view of the enchanting sandy beach and the dashing waves. It’s the perfect place to spend an afternoon relaxing or listening to the many sounds of the beach front activities. 

Single Guest $2,000.00                      NOW $ 1,340.00

Double $ 2,800.00                               NOW $ 1,870.00 

Triple $ 3,500.00                                  NOW $ 2,070.00

Beachfront Suite Room Package

Located exclusively in the corner beachfront building areas, featuring an L shape terrace where guests can experience the view at the fullest. Ideal for picture perfect moments. The Junior Suite includes a king bed and a Hottub. This room is great for feeling the ocean breeze or listening to the rustling of the robust waves. 

Single $2,200.00                                      NOW $ 1,470.00

Double $ 3,100.00                                     NOW $ 2,070.00

Triple $ 3,400.00                                       NOW $ 2,270.00