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PIPS Entertainment Presents

JUNE 8th – 11th, 2023
PIPS Cabo Takeover features an entire beach resort reserved exclusively for PIPS Cabo Takeover guests. This annual event brings over 1000 like-minded people together at one single resort for a full weekend of events and activities. There are many other travel events but we welcome you to experience the difference of having the freedom to enjoy an all-inclusive resort buyout / for a weekend / tailored especially for our event guests ONLY. Our goal is to bring an all-inclusive paradise escape to people seeking adventure and respite from the worries and stress of their everyday lives. We intend to deliver this magical experience by using our 25+ years of knowledge as an entertainment group to go above and beyond taking on many of the typical challenges and obstacles involved in vacation travel; Thus making PIPS Cabo Takeover peaceful, relaxing, fun, accommodating, and carefree for all who attend.


We welcome you to EXPLORE & EXPERIENCE Los Cabos!!!
Los Cabos has a reputation as being an exhilarating non stop party experience. However the truth is this Mexico paradise has so much more offer. Firstly, it’s important to note that what is commonly referred to as “Los Cabos” is a geographical area comprised of two prominent towns: San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas.

The charming town of San José del Cabo is where PIPS Cabo Takeover is held. It’s a quaint town that features beautiful architecture, lively plazas, and a long list of excellent restaurants. Just a twenty minute drive away is Cabo San Lucas; a more lively place known for its yacht parties, nightlife events, concerts, as well as luxury boutiques, and restaurants.

Overall Los Cabos is an easy-to-reach and welcoming destination that feels wonderfully secluded. Here, you can experience everything from laid-back relaxation to high-adrenaline outdoor adventure to inspirational arts and culture.

Book a deep sea fishing excursion in waters that attract anglers from all over the globe. Spend a day on world-class golf courses with breathtaking ocean views. Get out on the water on a charter boat, and go snorkeling. Other fun activities like jet skiing, horseback riding, camel rides, Whether you’re seeking family-friendly activities or a night out for two, Los Cabos has the activities that are sure to spark your excitement. While enjoying PIPS Cabo Takeover, don’t hesitate to step foot outside of the resort and try something new. After all, this is your vacation getaway!


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